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MiKoolie “Sport Towel” Instant Cool Down


  • Instant Cool Down
  • Clear Durable Container
  • Amazing Carabiner Cap

MiKoolie is made from a hyper-evaporative PVA material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch.  When wet, the moisture in the MiKoolie Towel begins to evaporate, providing cool, soft comfort to the user, and allowing you to endure the outdoor heat or strenuous physical activity.

To reactivate MiKoolie, simply wet, wring and snap again.

  • Instantly cool down in any situation.  Suitable for all ages – from babies and children right through to seniors, whether it is to cool down after a hard workout, to relieve a fever, or to deal with a headache or migraine.
  • Eco-friendly PVA chamois material is designed to absorb more cold water and cool your skin as the water evaporates.  Strong and tensile toughness, soft yet durable, you will love the texture and amazing sensation.
  • The most wearable, reusable, attractive, convenient cooling device. Clip it onto any bag and take it with you to the gym or yoga class, or wear it on a run or a ride.  It will soon end up going everywhere with you.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE:  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just contact our seller account for a replacement or full refund.  Hit ADD TO CART NOW!
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Product Description

Sport Towel size 33.5” X 13”

Clip it to your  yoga bag, purse, backpack or belt loop.

  • Great for any outdoor/indoor activity, any sport – even hot flashes!
  • Just wet, wring and snap – activates instantly for quick cool down!
  • Towel will drop up to 20 degrees below the outside temperature!
  • Cooling lasts for up to 3 hours!
  • Completely reusable – just re-wet, wring and shake!
  • MiKoolie Yoga is a slimmer towel which makes it the perfect size for kids and pets.
  • Wash in warm water and soap, and lay out to dry (do not tumble dry).
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